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    The Bourne Ultimatum is the third Jason Bourne novel written by Robert Ludlum and a sequel to The Bourne Supremacy (). First published in , it was. The Bourne Ultimatum book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The world's two deadliest spies in the ultimate showdown. At. The Bourne Ultimatum is the last novel of Robert Ludlum wrote for the series, and the third novel of the franchise overall. Just like the previous novels, it was.

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    The Bourne Ultimatum Book The Bourne Ultimatum: Jason Bourne Book #3 (): Robert Ludlum: Books. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The literary faults and stylistic excesses that The Bourne Ultimatum: Jason Bourne Book #3 (Jason Bourne Series) - Kindle edition by Robert Ludlum. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. The Bourne Ultimatum [Robert Ludlum] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is about 2 men who receive a telegram signed by.

    First published in , it was the last Bourne novel to be written by Ludlum himself. A film of the same name starring Matt Damon was released in As in the film, The Bourne Supremacy , the film version of The Bourne Ultimatum has a completely different plot from the novel. Plot summary[ edit ] The novel follows David Webb, alias Jason Bourne , as he works to find his old enemy, Carlos the Jackal , who is trying to kill him. Carlos the Jackal uses a diverse collective of aged men devoted to his handiwork known as "The Old Men of Paris. Webb sends his wife and children to live with his wife's brother, John St. While in the Caribbean, the St. Jacques Family faces a number of complications. Jacques and her two children, and spray paint "Jason Bourne, brother of the Jackal" on the wall. At the same time, a former judge, Brendan P. Prefontaine, arrives. The Jackal thinks that Prefontaine was going to foil his murder plan, and bribes a nurse on the island to kill him. However, his plans are foiled when the "war hero" finds out that when he is done with the murder, he is to be assassinated as well. He turns sides and shoots the nurse with his Luger P08 and saves Brendan P.

    The fifty-year-old Bourne and the ailing sixty-year-old Jackal are determined to annihilate one another.

    Through a series of discoveries, bribery and deceit, Jason manages to come close to Carlos but never gets near enough to kill him. They fool Carlos into believing his contact in Moscow has been discovered, so the Jackal is off to Russia, believing that Bourne has finally been killed. Carlos has resentment against Novgorod, the Soviet espionage-training center where he himself was trained, because they had planned to liquidate him because of his insanity.

    Ludlum, Robert - The Bourne Ultimatum - Book 3

    In an attempt to kill Jason, Carlos gets wounded but gets away to head for Novgorod. Krupkin arranges for Jason to be allowed entry into the top-secret center, and he locates Carlos for one final confrontation.

    In a twist, it is neither Carlos who kills Jason nor Jason who kills Carlos. Benjamin, American educated Russian young men, does the final deed that eradicates Carlos the Jackal.

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    Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Chapter 8. Chapter 9. Chapter His plan is simple: Robert Ludlum was the author of twenty-one novels, each a New York Times bestseller.

    There are more than million of his books in print, and they have been translated into thirty-two languages. Join Reader Rewards and earn your way to a free book! Join Reader Rewards and earn points when you download this book from your favorite retailer. Read An Excerpt.

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